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For foreign students

Гойдик В С мини 1Rector’s word

Hoidyk V.S.

Doctor of medical sciences, professor

Acting rector of OIMU


“Dear fellow-workers, students, applicants and visitors of the website! 

We are pleased to welcome you on the website pages of Odesa International Medical University!

 Odesa International Medical University is a new, contemporary university of a European level. The aim of our university is, first of all, providing our students with high quality training to gain higher medical education with all European standards.

The profession of a medical worker is one of a few professions that is described as calling. It teaches charters of healthcare workers that activities of medical service workers are of high value, as they serve life.

Therefore, we are aimed at training highly qualified medical workers. We modernize material and technical base, improve methods of studying that provides students with an opportunity to gain practical skills on a high level. We encourage our students to participate in international seminars, forums and conferences for expanding their skills and knowledge.

Every worker of a medical profile should be always kind and charitable because something he/she is involved in relieves patient’s suffering and saves his/her life. Doctors are specially treated by people, they appreciate and respect them. That is why, apart from studies in a professional direction, we also bring our students up to be sincere, kind and with high moral qualities.

Odesa International Medical University actively collaborates with foreign colleagues, research groups of various countries for the purpose of adopting experience of scientific and medical work related to medical and educational technologies, clinical and experimental medicine, prevention and healthy lifestyle.

If you feel calling to any of the professions in the sphere of health protection, welcome to study at Odesa International Medical University!

With the best regards and hope for an active cooperation with our university!



For every pupil, school is the place where he/she lays the groundwork based on which he/ she will be able to create all his/her future life. However, this groundwork is not enough for a prosperous life. That is why we invite all applicants to our university: here you will learn all foundations of life as well as how to use them in practice.

Welcome to Odessa International Medical University

Для кожного учня школа - саме те місце, де закладають фундамент, на якому потім можна буде побудувати усе майбутнє життя. Але для гарного майбутнього одного фундаменту замало. Саме цьому ми запрошуємо усіх абітурієнтів до нашого університету: тут вас навчать не тільки основам життя, але й тому, як їх використовувати на практиці.